Friday, October 16, 2009

Response to literature- The Necklace (Essay)

The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant
There's many reasons you should not borrow things from your friends. First of all its not yours and second of all you never know if something is going to happen just like in this case of the story. There was this young lady that was rich and beautiful but on her way she fell in love with some one poor. Well that poor but not as rich as the beautiful girl.
Once her husband got an invitation to the one of the richiest event meaning party. One her husband told her bout it she started crying and she told her that he should give the invitation to some one friend that has a beautiful wife with rich, nice, and cute dresses. Her husband asked why is she saying that, because he thought that his wife wouldv'e been happy to go and have fun. But she said she never had a beautiful evening dress. He told her to wear something cute that she had on the closet but she had seemed like she didn't agreed. Later his husband told her he was going to give her money so that way she buys a dress. She seemed s happy but at the end she didn't had no neacklace and she thought there was no point of wearing an amazing dress without an amazing neacklace. Her husdban gaved her the idea that she could've gone to one of her friend's house and borrow an neacklace, and she agreed. Her friend showed her all the neaklace she had meaning her collection. She saw all of them but none was on her head until her friend showed her the fancy once and she picked the most brilliant, expensive, and gorgeuse neacklace. One the party came every one looked at her and every guy wanted to dance with her, she was really happy and she had a good perfect time. Once they got home she found out that the neaklace was no her neack no more she started crying. Her husband went to look for it but he didn't found it.
No, money can not buy happines beacuse the young lady was used to be rich and now that her husband don't have money she feels horrable. This is the reason she is acting that was but if she was born poor and grew poor, she probably wont be crying to her husband over an expensive dress.
The conflict in the story is the jelousy she had of her friend being rich since she married some guy that worked on the education thing. But soon or later she will be used to it or if not she is going to get tired of her husband not having money and she will divorse him. Then she probably marries some rich guy and be "happy" the way she thinks "happines" is.
I really like the story it showed so much emotions and it was very descriptive and it was one of the stories I liked.


  1. this is terrible and makes no sense... i was laughing out loud while reading this